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"Excellent presentation. Instructor enthusiastic, knowledgeable about topic of interest. Provided current literature citations and reviews. Fabulous sense of humor. Scott is able to communicate key components to adult learners with east and efficiency. Open to comments/questions. Provides for interactive learning—able to relate to diverse audience e.g. Pediatric and Adult RN’s, RT’s, techs, medics."- Jennifer A. RN.

"I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed the fast pace, the diversity (serious-humorous) and not being read to." - Trisha W. RRT.

"One of the finest seminars I have attended. Very good speaker. Use of humor with excerpts and frequent breaks made the day fly by." - Kara B. RN.

"I have been to many seminars in my 25 years of nursing. Scott is the best speaker, and keeps your interest. Presentation was excellent." - Karen P. RNC.

"Very interesting presentation – anybody that can keep my GSC at 15 during class is good -- YOU ARE VERY GOOD!!!!" - Anonymous RN

"I enjoyed this seminar. It was very interesting due to the way it was presented by the instructor. I would attend this seminar again." - Adrienne M RN.

"Informative, funny, impressed with speaking presentation skills – no “ums” “like”; well done; I did not feel tired; speaker was very interesting as well as material presented." - Gina B. TNICU

"This course was awesome! I especially enjoyed the cardiac dissection, discussions & visuals. The lung & heart visual is the absolute best learning experience I have had in my entire career! This seminar really put things into perspective for me in regard to cardiopulmonary resus! Thank you!"- Jessica Bellot, RN, EMT-P

"Scott, you are the “maestro" of all educators. I say that with all sincerity. What you guys have done with Pediatric Playtime is so perfect! The workshop surpassed my expectations by immeasurable levels. I will never forget this experience."- M. McAdams, Staff Develop. Specialist

"Great Lab! This was one of THE BEST seminars I have attended. Actually seeing the pathways of the heart & lungs completely makes disease processes make sense.”- April Wise, RN

Amazing! Totally the best class I’ve been too! Humor will help me remember those Peds PEARLS. Love the hands-on pig portion!” - Gilkey, Emergency Nurse

"This was the best lab experience I have been to yet. Great class. Very interesting; learned so much. Loved how upbeat and energetic everyone was.”- Stacy King, RN

"This lab was great! I am a visual, hands-on learner... This was so amazing for me! THANKS!" - Renee Faust, RN

Currently a 100% satifaction rating on Amazon.com!

"The CPEN review book is very well written. The chapters are broken down by category allowing you to concentrate on your weakest areas if desired. I like how the pages are all marked on the edges with the category. You can quickly flip through the pages and know what section you are in as you flip. Questions are given in all formats - case based, application, facts, etc. This is very helpful. Seems close to certification type questions. At the end of each chapter the correct answer is given with an explanation. The explanations are easy to understand and include pictures as needed. This book is not only great for the certification but for review of pediatrics for all."- Lisa Forrest, Amazon Reviewer

"This was the best study guide that I used to study for my CPEN test! This study guide was easy to read and the content was easy to remember because of how it was presented. The tests give rationales for the correct answers, and I learned a lot! "- Kristin, Amazon Reviewer

"A MUST TO BE SUCCESSFUL: I purchased several CPEN review books but none compared to Scott's. He is a gifted educator who takes things down to a simple level that reader can remember. Did you make a New Year's resolution to become CPEN Certified this year? If so, this book will help you achieve your goal. I can honestly say reading this book made the CPEN exam seem easy! Scott covers every bit of material you need to know! Invest in your future! Get CPEN certified and let Scott DeBoer's creatively written book take you there!"- Debbie Bayard, Amazon Reviewer

"I used the first edition of this study guide to study for and pass my CPEN in 2009. I was looking around for it to review some pediatric concepts recently, and I realized that one of my coworkers in my old ER must have kept the book -- I seem to recall letting someone borrow it, but I can't remember who. Darn! However, this book is so fabulous that I am going to buy another copy, just to have for reference, even though I will be recerting my CPEN by CEs and clinical hours in 2014, not by exam! Thanks for such a great resource, Pedi-Ed-Trics!"- PixieRN, Amazon Reviewer

"I took and passed my CPEN only an hour ago and can say with 100% certainty that this book is the reason I passed. The questions were remarkably similar to those on the test (I went through them all), and by going through your book I got invaluable information to help answer the question and improve my nursing practice. Best of all, it was FUN!! Like chatting with an experienced nurse who still enjoys their job--a rare joy :) :)"- Allison D., Amazon Reviewer

Peds Pearls are short, sweet, and easy to remember ways to review the essentials of pediatric emergency care sent in a monthly e-blast. If you want to receive these pearls of wisdom sign-up here.

Also, Peds Pearls "Tear-out Tips, Tricks & Treasures from the Trenches" book will be for sale in the form of 52 full-color, 11x17 pullout posters. These Peds Pearls can be placed in the places education really gets done... Bathrooms, Break Rooms, or Bulletin Boards! You can order here!

[Peds Pearls] should be required reading for all ED nursing staff in every hospital! Truly awesome and so educational. Doing the med-legal timelines has made me realize now more than ever that there are so many nurses working in ED's who really need more knowledge and specifics to help them. -Bonnie Lundblom

The Peds Pearl was really well done! Scott, you have that knack of making complex things very easy. Thank you so much for spreading the good word... - Peter Antevy, MD

Scott, these Peds Pearls are always excellent and somehow very interesting and easy to read. I don't know how you do that.- Timur Kouliev, MD

Dear Scott & Team, Thank you for your fantastic Peds Pearls, keep 'em coming!- Lori Barker, MS, RN, CEN, CPEN

Thanks Scott, I am passing these on to all the critical care medics.- Alicia Pufundt RN, MSN, Director, Critical Care

Love the Epi Delivery Peds Pearl Scott....I plan on using the GCS part for my EMT class.- Cheryl Eddy, EMT-P

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